Gurdjieff Foundation of Indiana

“A man as a whole…is almost exactly comparable to that organization for conveying a passenger, which consists of a carriage, a horse, and a coachman. In the case of the real man, the passenger is the owner of the carriage…Before our nature was spoiled, all four in this team – horse, carriage, driver, master – were one; all the parts had a common understanding, all worked together, labored, rested, fed at the same time

…But the language has been forgotten, each part has become separate, cut off from the rest.  Now, at times, it is necessary for them to work together, but it is impossible – one part wants one thing, another part something else. The point is to re-establish what has been lost – this is the purpose of development…

...the power of changing oneself lies not in the mind, but in the body and the feeling.
horse and carriage